Krumbecker Hof Transition Farm

Farming and community for the new story

We work for change toward a life-sustaining and thriving world for the well-being of all.



Krumbecker Hof

The Krumbecker Hof Transition Farm is a place of discovery of a new story, for the people who live here and for the people who visit us. Out of the state of being separated from each other and individualization with all the small and big wars. We want to move towards an awareness that we are all interdependent on this planet earth, that life is a gift and we are a world community, a big community.

At Krumbecker Hof we have the opportunity to experience connection, connection to ourselves (workshops and retreats), connection to others (community, workshops, kindergarten, cultural events) and connection to nature (agriculture, gardening, solawi, renewable energies). From this understanding, we can face the crises of our time to develop solutions that will serve our children and grandchildren in 2050. Even if it is only to slow down the climate change until then, the biggest challenge of our time.