a place where children learn through their senses


Educational focus

Children learn with their senses. Through the perception of the natural environment around them we want to open their senses to the beauty, variety and meaningfulness of the world, to the rhythm of the day and the order of the year. With their senses, they perceive relationships and learn to understand them. Coupled with their joy of discovery, they gradually learn elementary laws of nature.
The Krumbecker Hof with its wide fields, the adjacent groves, the animals and people who live and work there offers many possibilities to address the senses of the children. During the year we can see the growth of the plants up to the
Harvest, the births and the growing up of the animals until later meat consumption and follow the quiet, contemplative autumn and winter months.

In our natural kindergarten we spend the whole time outdoors. The breakfast and lunch, but also the changing activities we design outside, unless extreme weather conditions prevent this. Through the movement outside and playing with the many simple suggestions of nature we want to awaken the imagination of the children. Our work with animals (Feeding,
Watching), romping and reading stories in the hay, walks over the fields, working in our garden, the construction of caves in the woods, the campfire and ultimately the farm with its recurring daily and annual routine.

In addition to the guided walks and discovery tours of the farm and in the forest and the special season-related actions, we want to provide the children as much space for the free play available. With free play, the child learns to know himself, to understand the world and to build his relationship with other people. He delves into his playing and repeats it until he has grasped it with all his senses. In nature, the child has enough space to unfold, alone or with other children. For this we offer a natural outdoor area with different elements. These include e.g. Tree trunks for climbing, tree caves, bushes and tall grass for hiding, a sand surface for digging and building or a willow labyrinth.
We see ourselves as a role model and companion of the children in the first formative years of life. We listen to them and at the same time want to stimulate their ideas and fantasy world. The movement and the perception in nature promote the learning and release the head at the same time. The children are thus compensated and can be released from aggression, pressure and fears. With our work on the farm, we want to awaken the senses and joie de vivre of the children, so that they learn to handle mindful, reliable and responsible with nature, the animals and all living things.



Charlotte Jewan


Krumbecker Hof 3
23617 Stockelsdorf