Needs of humans, animals, plants and the soil alike are respected



Dennis Wachholz and I, Natalie Adams met over four years ago. Since we have known each other we have always had the dream to have a garden together.

Our dream is now a reality. In the end of the year 2018 we had the opportunity to take over the garden from Hans Schohmacker on Krumbecker Hof.

We have always found that CSA ( community supported agriculture ) is the way forward. So with that in mind we want to take the step and change the marketing concept into a CSA.

The benefits for you

  • Every week you get fresh biodynamic vegetables
  • You know where your veggies are coming from
  • You are welcome to come by and see whats going on and also lend a helping hand
  • You are not depending on importing and agricultural corporations
  • You are apart of a lively community.

The benefits for us

  • We as gardeners get fair wages
  • No competition and market pressure
  • Low logistics and packaging costs

The benefits for our environment

  • The preservation of small-scale gardeners
  • The preservation of crops and biodiversity
  • No plastic packaging

In a community supported garden everybody wins!